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We take great pleasure in introducing our company INZ Sourcing ltd as one of the upcoming sourcing Agency of Bangladesh. INZ Sourcing ltd has the capability of providing a bridge between our overseas customer/importers and local manufacturers in Bangladesh to ensure premium service during sourcing of new products, development cycles, timely deliveries and adherence to international standards quality. We are based in Dhaka, which is the hub of all the commercial and business activities of Bangladesh. We provide sourcing / buying services for After legally incorporating on June 2006.

Apparels, Brand Manufacturers and wholesalers through out the world who are looking for Offshore Production of sourcing of Apparels both Knit, sweater and Woven, Accessories and etc. as per their design and specifications. We would welcome you or your staff members to visit us in Dhaka and see first-hand the strengths and scope of our organization.


• We will satisfy our buyers as well as other regulatory requirements ensuring to provide quality service and products.

• To meet the goal we are committed to put the best endeavors and work as a team efficiently for continual improvement of the quality management system.

• The management will also ensure the employees benefits and provide training to improve their skills to the desired level.


• INZ SOURCING LTD is housed in a 2000 sft. in level three of a commercial complex. Behind the sher e bangla National stadium. It exits directly onto Mirpur. This location is very accessible for transportation of merchandise, also this location is very easier for quality team to move their required factories.

Our Experience :

• We are qualified to follow up high-quality using both woven ,knit cloth and sweater , including a variety of styles such as t-shirts, baby clothing, women’s blouse, men’s pants, etc. We have very good merchandisers and quality controllers who have more than ten years experience in this field.

Administrative / Staffing :






Products and services :

Despite facing sorts of social and market difficulties INZ SOURCING LTD is receiving market acceptance. When it initiated operations, commercial relationships have been consolidating with the reputed buyers.

INZ SOURCING LTD has employed between 40-50 working people depending on the volume and consistency of orders.

INZ SOURCING LTD has been providing a concerted effort to maintain its orders while building more direct commercial relationships in which it handles the complete package production.

Market Information :

Develop new resources and products Appraise vendors of buyers’ requirements, Effective costing and price negotiations, Communications with buyer on a daily basis counter checking on product quality, Weekly reports for customers, highlighting production status, shipping information, sample status and other customized reports for customers.

Our Valuable Customer :





Maxico: SORIANA. Poland :FORTRESS.

Code of conducts :

1- Basic principles. The suppliers undertake that none of the products supplied are manufactured against the local regulations in force and Human Rights. They provide that INZ Sourcing ltd suppliers take all steps to have any contractors or sub-contractors they may use also observe these regulations. The suppliers authorize the INZ Sourcing ltd and/or its representatives to have permanent access to their premises, even without having given prior notice.

2- Principle of non-discrimination. The suppliers must employ their workers according to their capability to carry out the work required, independent of any other criterion.

3- Child labor. Factories should only employ workers who have reached the legal age in force, or at least fifteen years old. They should comply with all the regulations relating to child labor. The factory is to comply with all legislation governing child labor, including that relating to recruitment, salaries, the number of hours worked, overtime and working conditions. When they have recourse to using children of 15 years old or more, the factories are encouraged to develop training programs, in the work place, which will enable their young employees to continue to benefit from education, in the context of the law. They are to encourage their workers concerned to attend evening classes and to take part in study programs in the work place and in all education programs sponsored by the government. The factory is to have, for each of its workers, official documents certifying their age and date of birth. In countries where there are no official documents, the factory is to obtain appropriate means to confirm the age, using a reliable method.

4- Working conditions. Factories should treat all their workers with respect and dignity and provide them with a safe and healthy environment. They should observe all the legislation and regulations relating to working conditions. They should not submit their workers to any corporal punishment nor any form of physical or psychological pressure. They should be sufficiently light and ventilated, with easy access and with machines maintained and dangerous materials stored intelligently. Factories which provide accommodation for their employees should ensure that such accommodation is clean and safe.

5- Conclusion. Each of the suppliers which work with the INZ SOURCING LTD should comply with this Code of Ethics. It is an absolute prerequisite. INZ Sourcing ltd is going to develop monitoring systems, in the form of audits carried out by independent bodies, to check that this code is indeed being observed. If it turns out that a supplier is not observing this code, INZ Sourcing ltd will decide either to end any business relationship with it, or to demand it introduces a corrective action plan. If corrective action is not taken, INZ Sourcing ltd may cease placing its orders with the supplier in question and may even put an end to the production in progress

Some of our controls include :

• Factory evaluations

• Sample appraisal

• Identify and pre-empt production problems during placement meetings.

• Monitor laboratory tests results and match against local testing data.

• Maintain accurate product details and records

• We understand that communication between the buyer and vendor is of prime importance. Hence our organization is well equipped with Internal LAN system and email facilities. Our shipping staff caters the need to ensure timely delivery of consignments and the right documents.

Our dedicated export staff is mainly involved in the areas of:

• Checking incoming documents for accuracy and completeness

• Tracking shipments during transit

• Co-ordination of shipping requirements.

Our Merchandising Department :

Our merchandising follow up & qc quality assurance build up good relation ship with Customer & maker. Thus both are comfortable on our service. We are working like partner with Customer & maker for Long time business run. So we are not changing maker & customer frequently. As per our capacity & capability we take order & execute order. For each customer we have individual merchandiser+ qc for follow up development/sampling stage to shipment. So that team can increase their turn over & understand their work well. Below procedure we are following for our customer for execute order. So that their will be no delay & confusion arise from customer & maker end. We are very honest in front of our Customer & maker and advise both part honest information.

Following is the our time guide line which control by our merchandiser:

• For styling/development sample-Local yarn/fabric & animation we can send within 5-7 days after inquiry receipt in hand.

• Price quotation with in 24 hour.

• Lab dip local with 3-4 days & imported with 7 days.

• Fit sample or Size set sample with in 4-5 days & PPS sample with in 7 days after receipt comment.

• Production update/Status weekly for each customer.

• QC inline & final inspection report send to customer quality department next day of inspection.

• Commercial department keep in touch with Customer import dept for LC on time & maker commercial for documentation+ forwarding agent for on time stuff good.

Our Quality Control Department :

Inspection is one of our major parts of business and for that we have highly experienced quality control team to inspect maintain the quality standard of the goods before each shipment for our regular customers.

Quality Policy::

• Our vision is to achieve business excellence by working with world class buyers for Garments where quality will be the cornerstone of success.

• We will satisfy our buyers as well as other regulatory requirements ensuring to provide quality service and products.

• To meet the goal we are committed to put the best endeavors and work as a team efficiently for continual improvement of the quality management system.

• The management will also ensure the employees benefits and provide training to improve their skills to the desired level.

• All our attitudes and actions must be recognized as an expression of quality. Each shipment should create a recommendation for further business.

INZ Sourcing ltd Operations :

• Garment Items as Men’s, Ladies & Children Wear both in Sweater, Woven and Knit fabrics. We have more then 15 good factories of each item products. Which we are using for our running customer order more then 6 year.

• China, Thailand & Taiwan based all types of fabrics we are doing in connection with Jiangshu tempo group import & export co. ltd. China, Texpart holding industrial co. ltd. China, Nantong tongjhou deshing textile co. ltd. China.

• Hong Kong/China based all types of garment accessories we have lots of accessories manufacture & supplier relationship with HK & China. So, we can provide prices of accessories sharply and on-time delivery.

• Local fabrics we are doing in connection with Hamid Fabrics. Sirajgonj Check Industries Ltd., Beximco Textiles Mills Ltd., Munno Fabrics Ltd., Mars Weaving Mills Ltd., H.H. Textile Mills Ltd., Bengal Denim., So, we could provide European Buyers GSP facility so that they could enjoy duty frees at customs during goods arrival..

Conclusions :

There are many things in INZ SOURCING LTD favor including its current installed capability.A management team and workforce that is committed to developing a market niche that will in turn guarantee job security for them in a setting that is superior to industry standards.

Our Mission

We will satisfy our buyers as well as other regulatory requirements ensuring to provide quality service and products. To meet the goal we are committed to put the best endeavors and work as a team efficiently for continual improvement of the quality management system


Biswas Madhavi(2nd floor west side)
Plot#1, Road#16, Block-A, Mirpur-10
Dhaka - 1216, Bangladesh
GSM: + 88-01711692431
Phone: + 88-02-9006996
Skype: didarulislam